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Biofuels Conference 2012

If the European biofuels industry is to meet the EU Commissions' target of 10% of transport volume by 2020 (a significant increase) then it is commonly agreed that the sector is going to need coordinate itself in a more cohesive manner during the next decade. Currently a fragmented regulatory landscape, idle European capacity, competitive import possibilities from the Americas, and protectionism in the EU are restricting the high potential for substantial short term growth of the Biofuels sector. With these factors in mind, Platts is delighted to announce that our inaugural Biofuels Conference for 2012 is taking place in Amsterdam, June 28th and 29th.
Tidspunkt 28/06 2012 kl. 00:00 til
29/06 2012 kl. 00:00
Sted Amsterdam, Holland
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