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BiogasWorld 2013

International Anaerobic Digestion Symposium at BiogasWorld 2013 will discuss most recent process innovations and progress in the efficient application of specific joining technologies in the process chain of biogas production. The symposium is divided into three separate modules: DAY 1: Tuesday, 23 April: DRY FERMENTATION The focus is on dry fermentation of organic wastes, agricultural residues, grass, straw and manure. DAY 2: Wednesday, 24 April: SUBSTRATE MANAGEMENT The focus is on the pre-treatment and processing of substrates. DAY 3: Thursday, 25 April: DIGESTATE TREATMENT The focus is on digestate treatment and application regarding to the management of nutrients and the groundwater protection.
Tidspunkt 23/04 2013 kl. 00:00 til
25/04 2013 kl. 00:00
Sted Berlin, Tyskland
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