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IEA Bioenergy Conference 2015

The upcoming conference will provide stakeholders from industry, academia and policy with an insight into recent research and market developments in bioenergy. All topics covered by IEA Bioenergy and by partner organisations like FAO, GBEP and UNDP will be addressed. A special section is dedicated to industrial developments and applications. Presentations will respond to challenges in all steps in bioenergy value chains from biomass production and conversion to energy carriers to different end uses. Cross- cutting topics like sustainability (GHG emissions), socio-economic issues and trade will also be discussed. Policy makers will benefit from the latest recommendations by a global scientific energy technology network. Participants will also receive the latest information on promising bioenergy technologies and learn about bioenergy applications with a special insight into German developments. Outstanding achievements and results in the bioenergy sector will be shown through over 50 visual presentations. The conference takes place in the stimulating surroundings of Berlin and Brandenburg.
Tidspunkt 27/10 2015 kl. 00:00 til
29/10 2015 kl. 00:00
Sted Berlin, Tyskland
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